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General virology:

The past and future of virology
Will viruses destroy us? #doom 
Meet Mumps virus 
Mendeley Molecular Virology group

Virus diversity and evolution:

Macro-evolution of RNA viruses reveals interesting trends
Amphibian ERVs - what are they good for?
Genomics of single virus particles
Where did smallpox - variola virus - originate?
On the origins of our smallpox vaccine
Can we experimentally study virus endogenisation?

Virus ecology:

Bats and their viruses - an ecological view
What controls the emergence of rodent viruses?

Virus entry and spread:

An ebola virus receptor

Host/virus interactions:

Virus epigenetics #1
Systems biology (the interactome) of dengue virus infection
Systems biology of vaccines - what can we learn?
Dengue virus modulation of the epigenome?


Comparative primate innate immunity
What is the inflammasome?
What exactly do interferons do?

Viral disease and pathogenesis:

Measles brain disease in Papua New Guinea
A premature rodent model of XMRV infection
GFP-tagged viruses as tools in disease research
Transparent zebrafish allow easy whole-organism tracking of virus infection
HIV + measles virus infection = very bad news
How do viruses get inside your brain?
How do viruses make you vomit? And, can we stop it?
How do viruses move around your body and infect other organs?
Does a virus cause high blood pressure?
When you say flu, what do you really mean?
HIV direct cell-cell spread and antiviral resistance
Discovery of a measles virus receptor for epithelial cells
Ebola virus superantigens and disease
What causes HIV/AIDS-induced pain?

Molecular biology:

Viruses as nanotechnology - what are their uses?
Visualising virus particles following entry into the host


Measles vaccine versus maternal antibodies
Deep sequencing of vaccine stocks reveals hidden diversity
Goodbye injections, hello breathable vaccines
How do we know when a vaccine is safe? Part 1
WHO vaccine week
Can we improve vaccines by making them more heat stable?
Anti-cancer vaccine
How do we know when a vaccine is safe? Part 2
Saving gorillas through vaccination


What good is mosquito semen?
Targeting antivirals to the host, not the virus. Is it even possible?
Beating viruses with probiotics. The vagina's story.
Broad-spectrum antivirals - too good to be true?