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Mendeley Virology group

Mendeley - (get it here) the relatively recently released .pdf manager for both desktop and onlin archiving also allows you to start online social groups where any participant can upload a paper or a link to be viewed by anyone else (see their blog post).

Obviously, you can see how this could vastly speed up the transmission of new ideas around the world via this kind of global scientist (and non-scientist alike) network. But what it also lets you do is comment - and discuss -  the paper or even just update each other on how they are getting on.

For example: see the synthetic biology group

The ability for anyone (provided you sign-up to Mendeley, which is very easy, fast and extremely useful) to rapidly upload scientific papers may allow for greater understanding, post-peer review discussion of papers and the ability to generate a 'community-driven' bank of literature on a particular subject. It is also a great way to collaborate scientifically on a project.

So, lets see how it works for virology, join the Mendeley group (link to the right of my blog). Upload a paper and comment on it.

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