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Rule of 6ix has moved

If you are looking for more virological-related blogging head over to postdocinvirology as Rule of 6ix is no more. I have decided to slightly alter my blogging outlet to reflect the evolution of my working life. I have recently taken up a postdoc position at the MRC Centre for Virus Research in Glasgow in the lab of John McLauchlan. No more negative sense RNA viruses, no more Belfast. This new position focuses on hepatitis C virus, a very different virus (kind of) from what I am used to. And seeming that the name rule of 6ix came from a phenomenon observed in paramyxoviruses (see here on background) I have decided to discontinue this blogging 'brand' in favour of a new up-to-date one. Hopefully the output wont change significantly. But do expect more hepatitis C....

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