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TWiV live in Dublin

If you happen to be around Dublin on Monday 26th of March and are attending this year's Society of General Microbiology Spring meeting you might want to call into the Viral Zoonoses session and sit down and watch the live filming of This Week in Virology at 3:30pm. This week's podcast is featuring discussions on the recent H5N1 transmission controversy and also Europe's looming agricultural threat of Schmallenberg virus. Nicely, Vincent is joined by Ron Fouchier (one of the PI's behind the H5N1 work), Wendy Barclay (a UK flu expert) and Richard Elliott who has been working on the family of viruses that include Schmallenberg.

Thankfully he also letting me join in the discussion up on stage so you should all come down and have a listen and ask a couple of questions to the expert panel. You can also watch the live streaming of the show over here:

Through twitter you can ask the panel questions on the hashtag: #TWiV.

Or you can comment about the discussion and talks on the official SGM tag: #sgmdub

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